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MessageSujet: Un drôle de carnet   Un drôle de carnet Icon_minitime2009-05-10, 19:00

Désolée pour l'anglais, je l'ai fais machinalement pour mon site en anglais, et ai copié collé. Mais jeunes et beaux comme vous êtes vous allez tout capter ! Suspect


It's been a while i did not write here cause i've been busy with my job.

I had a great day today, and usually this kind of day makes you happy, but now it does not work. I feel bad tonight cause i just realise that day was maybe one of the last peacefull and sunny day in Japan i would get...

Walking down the streets under the summer sun, stoping for beers and icecream and playing guitar are the simple pleasures i did not have for a long time, in a nice compagny though.

And, even if i really worked like a dawg this year (i did not even know i was able to survive these conditions) i really love Japan for lot of stupid reasons ! It's a weird country for crazy people and since i'm unbalanced i found myself a place here.

So, beeing happy today makes me feel bad now cause i can feel it's the end of the journey and these kind of things won't happen here again. My contract for my job is definitly over and i don't think i'm gonna be able to find something else (but cross your fingers) in the next three more months to stay in Japan.

I'm about to go back in France where everybody's unemployed, where it's forbidden to smoke in bars, where there's no onsen, no izakaya, no service as well, no wonderful temples, no huge city like Tokyo, no amazing retarded places, not the same fetish culture, not the same amazing artistic and cultural life...

More, even if they're not like my old friends in France in who i trust amazingly, i met a few great people here i'm gonna miss a lot...

Before i'll leave, i'll realise my last dream cause i'm gonna be a model for some fetish pics, and i'll be tied up like in japanese traditionnal boundage (with ropes). The shooting is actually planed on the 24th of this month (cross your fingers again) and maybe some others gonna come after till my departure.

I'm leaving this country full of memories, more incredible ones from the others. I'm so different today, i don't know if i'll be able to get use to France again...

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Marco Polo
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MessageSujet: Re: Un drôle de carnet   Un drôle de carnet Icon_minitime2009-05-11, 00:38

Well, it's really hard for you, but remember that you will have a lot of memories. When you will feel nostalgic, just think about them.
Maybe you will find something else there, who knows :p
Mhhm, some fetish and bondage..... I watched a documentary on Arte about bondage, it was really.... special (but sensual ^^ ). Hope to see some pics rabbit

Enjoy your last days in Japan Smile

(Allez, essayez de comprendre sans utiliser de traducteur en ligne albino ).
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